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What is Link Building?

Link Building plays a major role in achieving the top search engine rankings. High search engine visibility is the topmost priority for every website and hyperlinks help in achieving it. But, are you getting the right website link building that you deserve? If not, then you instantly require an accurate link building service that will strategize and get you the best results.

A successful high-quality link building involves a lot of factors like optimizing your website, having worthy content to link to, finding the right quality backlinks and much more. Elixir Web Solutions, SEO link Building service develops proper content and marketing strategy and campaigns that helps you in achieving your goals while following all Google’s guidelines.

Link building can gain popularity for your business

According to many SEO experts, link building is one of the most useful SEO tools in this day and age. It is basically the act of creating backlinks to your website from other external websites. The basic idea behind this premise is to increase your website’s traffic by enabling people to refer to your website from another website and vice versa.

How is link building important to your business?

Link building is one of the major factors which dictate how search engines rank your web pages. The greater the number of reliable, quality links you have on to your website, more you can manipulate those ranking factors in your favour. 

An organic link building service helps your website or blog to gain popularity via inbound links, thus increasing your brand’s awareness. 

Some of the main benefits of website link building services are:

Higher visibility and quicker indexing of a site’s in search result pages

Increases the traffic from linked websites to your website

Increases your website’s DA, meaning your website will be admired as a valuable resource

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Being one of the leading link building agencies, our premier strategies include:

To get the best results from a link building strategy, we need relevance links that enhance your online popularity. We make sure to give you the best quality link building service. Our SEO link building follows the entire white hat link building strategies. We track our link building SEO and keep you updated regarding that.


Blogging is concerned with adding fresh new content on a regular basis. It also includes updating and maintaining your blogs and videos.

Guest Posting

Guest posts that are published on authority websites can help you to increase the domain authority and influence of your own website.

Classifieds Ads

Classified Ads are ordered promotions that are short postings of administrations and products that are available to be purchased.


Infographics are visual representations of any information or data that are used to present data in a digestible form.

Article Posting

Posting articles on top article directories will help you to improve your website’s visibility. Furthermore, article submissions are one-way links. This helps to keep the integrity of your website’s link intact.


Videos, be it for blogs or tutorials, help to educate people about your product. They also act as good promotional tools that increase your market reach.

PPT & PDF Submissions

PPTs & PDFs can be shared on PDF sharing websites like slideshare, and can be optimised for search engines, helping you to promote your website the same way as HTML pages.

Business & Profile Listings

Business & profile listings are a sure shot way to promote your business amongst your target audience. These listings show all the relevant information about a business on search engines.

Questions & Answers

By using external links on question and answer forums like Quora, you can effectively drive traffic to your own site.

Why choose Elixir Web Solutions for Link Building Services?

We at Elixir Web Solutions, provide you with the best link building packages. We understand your business and provide you with an advanced link building service that will fulfill all your requirements. We use a variety of link building techniques to help you achieve the desired online presence. Our link Building for SEO is highly industry focused and from high authority popular sites.

Being one of the best link building agencies, we understand that these links will determine your Google page rank. We make sure that these links help you in achieving your targeted goals.  We provide the best quality link building services.

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Link Building FAQ's

How important is link building for SEO?

Link building is very important for SEO, as it basically helps to determine how a search engine ranks your website’s pages. Therefore, with proper high-quality linkages, you can effectively enhance your websites online presence.

How much will you have to pay for link building?

The cost of link building services depends on a number of factors. The biggest cost factor is the SEO agency you opt for. For the most affordable prices, it is important that you seek out experts who know what they are doing and believe in fair practices, else you would just end up paying more in lieu of quality links.

Should I pay for backlinks?

An affordable link building service is the talk of the town, as many people swear by its effectiveness. However as easy as it may sound, buying backlinks is a black hat SEO technique, meaning it can jeopardize your website’s traffic if it is not well thought out. 

Do backlinks still work?

Yes, backlinks still work. Google still ranks websites according to the number of quality backlinks a website has. Which means that the number of backlinks you have on your website will dictate how high it will be ranked in search engine results.

Do Fiverr backlinks work?

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO, and outsourcing them to people who own ‘link farms’ will lead to suspicion from the search engines’ side. Therefore, whilst Fiverr may seem like a cheaper and quicker way to get results from backlinks, it is recommended not to do so.  

How does link building work?

To understand how good backlinks work, you need to know that backlinks dictate your websites ranking on search engine result pages. Search engines use links to crawl the web and allocate webpage rankings accordingly. So, to drive traffic to your website you need link building, wherein you get other websites to link back to your website.

What is White-Hat Link Building?

White-Hat Link Building is the process of getting relevant links to guide traffic to your website, while aligning with all the guidelines of a search engine. The main goal of white-hat SEO practices is to create a good experience for the user by adding quality content to your website, without relying on back hand practices that manipulate search rankings with unethical means. 

What is an Anchor tag?

Anchor tags are a form of HTML tags. They are used to mark the beginning and/or the end of a hypertext link, and are used to allow users to move back and forth between certain locations of a webpage, or direct users to another website.

What is a link building campaign?

A link building campaign is a SEO technique wherein a website’s assets are actively used to increase the number of backlinks from external websites.

What is Google's take on link building?

According to Google, links that are used to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google’s search results may be regarded as a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Furthermore, Google has also stated that unnatural links that aren’t vouched for by the website’s owner will also count as a violation.

What is a PageRank?

A PageRank is a ranking algorithm created by Google Search. It helps google to rank web pages in its search engine results by calculating the number and quality of links that a page has. PageRank helps to determine the value and importance of a website based on an assumption that important websites are likely to get more links from other websites. 

Is link building dead?

Despite Google having taken some drastic steps to regulate how backlink networks work, the search engine has also stated that backlinks have many years left in them. In the current scenario, backlinks are still used to rank pages, and are an essential weapon in the arsenal of any SEO agency.

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