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Why Choose Email Marketing for your Business?

Today, almost everyone has access to emails and it serves as a great platform to connect with customers. Email marketing is the most crucial internet marketing tool. Whether used for promotional activities or for circulating newsletters or inviting people to your business, email remains the choice for communication.

Elixir Web Solutions offers a comprehensive set of email marketing services to cater for all your requirements. Grow your business and connect with your customers through our seamless email marketing service.

Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

Increase Sales

Increase Leads

Brand Awareness

Build Credibility

Increase Customer Engagement

Targeted & Personalized Content

Increase in Website

Targeted & Personalized Content

What We Do?

Email Marketing Strategy

We are among the best Email Marketing companies across the globe. We create customized Email Marketing strategies for our clients, according to their business needs. Which ultimately helps them in achieving a good email conversion rate.

Email Template Design

Email template design can be the reason for go/no go of your relationship with your customers. Our Email Marketing Agency has designers, who have years of experience and can help in creating attractive, eye-catchy, and responsive email templates.

Email List Maintenance

List maintenance is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. A regular mailer list update helps in targeting new and potential customers. Our Email Marketing services include list maintenance, whether it’s for small business or for bulk listing.

Automated Emails

Our duties do not end just by shooting up a campaign. For best results, we believe in creating automated mail campaigns, also commonly known as Drip Campaigns. An automated Email can help in re-engaging customers based on their activity without doing any extra efforts.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

On average a person checks their emails 3 times a day through their smartphones. Our Email Marketing Solutions help in creating templates that are mobile mailbox friendly and can help in achieving good mobile conversion rates.

Email Marketing Reports

Email marketing is completely measurable. Whether it's Open Rate, Click rate or conversion, we keep a track on every possible aspect affecting the performance of an Email campaign and provide our clients with the full-fledged Email Marketing Report.

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Email Marketing FAQ's

What is Email Marketing?

When we use email as a medium to deliver a message with a commercial intent where the business can possibly generate conversion by mode of email, it is known as Email Marketing. It is considered to be one of the most preferred channels for a business to personalize their communication with their existing customer or potential customers.

What tools are used for Email Marketing?

There are numerous panels available, which can be used for Email Marketing. Few giants in the field of Email Marketing are - Mailchimp, Netcore, Getresponse, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Hubspot. Our Email Marketing Company has a team of employees who have worked on all major panels and are highly skilled.

How can we track the email campaign performance?

Tracking of an Email Marketing campaign is very important. It can help in knowing the aspects of your campaign where you need to put the most efforts on. We can track the performance of a campaign through the panels from where we are sending the mailer. We can also track the performance by Google Analytics.

What is drip marketing?

Drip marketing is basically where we analyze the prospect of a customer on their past behavior and send them communications via mail accordingly. Elixir Web Solution offers the best email marketing service, which includes drip marketing campaigns and can help a business achieve the utmost results through email marketing.

Why is my email landing in the spam folder?

There are multiple reasons affecting the Email spam score. It can be due to the spammy subject line, the high spam score of the sender domain, the template is not properly optimized, and so on. Keeping in check all such factors, our email marketing solutions help in creating quality email campaigns.

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