5 PPC Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

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PPC or Pay-per-click is an online advertising model in which advertisers can display ads for their goods and services. Advertisers have to pay only when a user actually clicks on their ad. Thus, the name Pay-per-click! With businesses increasingly having an online presence and advertising playing a huge role in their success, Pay Per Click management services have seen increasing demand over the years. The story is the same in our country. PPC management services in India have seen a major rise in demand and are sure to experience the same in the future.

5 tactics to ensure that your PPC campaigns are actually yielding results are:

1. Keep track of your conversions

If you have multiple PPC campaigns on, you should be aware of how each campaign is performing. You should be aware of all your conversions. If you have multiple campaigns on, you will come to know which campaigns are faring well and which are not. At times, customers may get back through an email or phone call. This does not make your PPC campaign a flop. To find how truly effective your campaign is, use data from Google Analytics or any other analytical platform.

2. Testing should continuously happen

Keep testing the different elements on your website, especially the landing page. Show two versions of the same webpage to the same group of users and keep a track of conversions on each. Keep testing the different elements like font, color, image, etc. and chose the one that yields better results.

3. Landing page and ad copy should reflect the same product and idea

Once you click on an ad on google search, you will reach the landing page. But if the landing page is completely different from the ad, you will leave the website immediately. Each time a user clicks on an ad, you are paying money to the search engine. So, ensure that the user gets the information he desires or else all your money will go to waste. This also leads to your quality score becoming better which in turn, will lead to reducing the overall cost of your PPC campaign.

4. Your CTR or Click Through Rate should improve

You need people to click on your ads otherwise you will never get customers for your business. You can do it by targeting the right audience. It is imperative that each word in the title in your ad copy begins with a capital letter. Focus on placing your ads where maximum people see it.

5. Use of negative keywords

Negative keywords are those for which you do not wish your ad to be seen. Once the negative keyword is included, your ad will not appear when this keyword is used. This is beneficial in 2 ways – Firstly, there will be no unnecessary clicks on your ad reducing your cost. Secondly, users do not waste time by visiting your website and exiting out immediately reducing the bounce rate and improving your quality score.

These are a few strategies to improve your conversion rates. To give the much-needed impetus, businesses can hire experts who will be able to deliver the best pay per click services

Awadhesh Pandey


Awadhesh Pandey

Awadhesh is a full-stack Digital marketing manager. He has over twelve years' experience in Digital helping Local & international companies generate more traffic, leads, and sales from various channels.

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